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Lil Ranchin Rat Terriers

Southern California, est. 1998

Pictures of Pups Sold

This page would not be possible without all of you who have sent me pictures throughout the years.  We are so proud of what we have accomplished and are so glad to share all of your pictures.  Thank you to all of you!!!  This page is an example of many years of work and preservation!



Lil Ranchin Sasha (Star x Scout 2012) - 6 months in this photo


Lil Ranchin Suri (Star x Scout 2012) - 5 months in this photo

Lil Ranchin Double Diamond (Jewely x Pate 2012) - 4 months in this photo

Lil Ranchin Bodhi (Patriot x TallyHo)

Lil Ranchin Tucker (BelleStar x Maximus 2011)

Lil Ranchin Jackie (Jewely x Maximus 2011)

Lil Ranchin Gabby (BelleStar x Maximus 2011)

Lil Ranchin Hershey (Belle Star x Maximus 2011)

Lil Ranchin Scout (Madalena x Patriot)

2012 - Lil Ranchin Savannah's Lolly Pop (LR BelleStar x LR Maximus 2011)

Lil Ranchin Frasier

2011 - Quite the big boy at under three years old.... 18+ inches, 40+ pnds


Lil Ranchin Bliget (DV Patches x Granite Oaks Annastasia).  She is very solid and a very intense hunter.

Lil Ranchin Ruger (DV Wizard x LR Jewely) - 38 pnds of hunting machine!

Lil Ranchin Cassie (Bella x Bruno 09)

Lil Ranchin Desert Eagle (Jewely x Wizard 09)

Lil Ranchin Patches, Lil Ranchin Dixie and Pharoah, proudly spoiled by Candice :)

I took Patches out this weekend too.  He was so good.  We went to a fundraiser cattle branding.  He wasn't scared of anything. Well as long as he was next to me, by the end of the day he just curled up in the bleachers like a seasoned ranch dog.. LOL  He is such a good boy.


Lil Ranchin Frasier - he is just awesome.  I love when I get to visit this guy in the show ring, he has the strength of a pit bull, stamina, and a go gettem attitude.  A well rounded package!  (Granite Oaks Annastasia x  Patriot)




Lil Ranchin Samson (Wizard x Tally).  Nice headshot here.

Lil Ranchin Blaze and Lincoln (Deja x Wizard) - can't wait to see these guys at maturity - what striking colors Linc is showing!

Look at this painting - they had this one done for Mike's birthday - I love it!

Lil Ranchin Cooper (Deja x Wizard) - boy oh boy does he look like his daddy!

Lil Ranchin Samson - (Anna/Pate 09) - now heres a BIG boy, weighing 32 pnds at 7 mnths.  He has the exact same headset as his mommy Anna.

Lil Ranchin Mika (TallyHo/Wizard 09) - proudly spoiled by Helen and Ty.  She is out of our last litter from Tally (retired), and is turning into a stunning calico.

Lil Ranchin Mac (Patriot/Tally 08) - proudly owned by Raul.  This boy has certainly turned out nice!!  Perfect headset.

Lil Ranchin Tuco (Patriot/Tally 08) - proudly owned and hunted with by Stan of AZ. 

He is quite stunning!!

Lil Ranchin Jake - (Pate/Tally 08) - Now I thought this was very cute!  This wouldn't fly at my house though...LOL!!


Lil Ranchin Frasier (Anna/Pate 08) - proudly owned by Janel - he is stunning.  I can't wait to see how he does for you!!

Lil Ranchin Justice (Anna/Pate 08) - proudly owned by the Zimmerman's - he is one nice looking fella!

Lil Ranchin Jewels Anna/Pate 08) - we are so proud of this girl, she just looks fantastic!!  Looking forward to watching her grow up. 

Lil Ranchin Turbo - owned and loved by Elke and Gary. He looks great, has filled in very nicely!

Lil Ranchin Bridget - proudly owned and loved by her human Donna.  Lookin good!!

Lil Ranchin Lexi (Deja/Cowboy 08), Madera's Roxy and Lil Ranchin Cody - Alan's crew of ratties!  What a good looking bunch of Fire Mountain girls he has

Lil Ranchin Bliget (Patches/Anna - June 08 litter)  Bliget is 6 months in this picture.  She is Eric's pride and joy, this gal goes everywhere with him and frequents Louisanna often.  Eric loves his girl - she has a great temperment and conformation.  Looking good!!

Quote from Eric:

"As far as I'm concerned she is top dog show quality, wish i could show her. She has unreal hunting instincts like you would not believe."

"I took her hiking this past weekend. Funny thing was, I went to Trabuco state park, the sign said the trails were closed, so I got out of my car to talk to the ranger at the park. While i was talking to the ranger, some asshole started blowing the horn....."

Lil Ranchin Sweetie - aka Macy (Pate/Tally 08).  This gal is just gorgeous, definetely show quality!  What a great cross Tally is with Pate, they compliment each other very well.  This one nice looking girl, congrats Melissa, I am so glad you are happy with her 


Lil Ranchin Roscoe (Roscoe is from our kennel-he's on the right) and Ruby! What a beautiful pair!  Roscoe is one of our very first decker bred males, back in 1999.


The following two pictures are of Hershey.  (Hank/Princess June 2008).  Hershey just returned from a 2,200 mile road trip on a HARLEY!!!  Apparently he is quite famous amongst the Harley riders and had his pictures taken by many onlookers!!  These ratties are just so versatile, it amazes me!


Lil Ranchin Lexi (Tally/Patriot).  I am more impressed everytime I get pictures of this litter.

Lexi is doing great!  She is a total stud!  Weighting about 30 pounds of solid muscle and the best hunting dog I have ever seen!

Lil Ranchin Fantasia (aka Bliget)(Diamond Valley Patches x Granite Oaks Anastasia)

Lil Ranchin Carbon Copy (Hank/Princess 08) - he is a spittin image of his father - great looking boy here!


Lil Ranchin Rocky (Cowboy/Princess 06) and Lil Ranchin Abby (Patriot/Tally 08)

Lil Ranchin Tuco (Patriot/Tally 08)

Lil Ranchin Jake (Patriot/Tally 08)

Cody (2008)!

Dax!  Crazy boy!!

Dax and Molly lounging on the sundeck - thinking of what kind of trouble they can get into next!

This is Ellie at 15 months, she is the perfect combo of Princess and Cowboy!


The above is Emmie Daniel!  She is an incredible looking female out of Tally/Cowboy 3/6/2007.  This is one gorgeous gal!  Perfect headset!

This is Rocky lounging on the grass!  He was born in November 06 out of Cowboy/Princess.  He is a great example of what a rattie should look like!



Lil Ranchin TriPawed went to Diamond Valley Kennels and had some beautiful litters.  Mtn Home BB X Lil Ranchin Angel 

Lil Ranchin Fergus ready to play!! 2000



Zoey as a pup!                                                 Zoey all grown up!


Dirka lounging around



Cody as a puppy!

Cody all grown up!

Shooter and Shiest (Shooter was one of our apricot males).  He now stands stud in Texas.

One of our best looking males ever.  This is Taz, owned by Brittany and Mike Erl of Riverside, CA.


Lil Ranchin Baby (At Skippin CJ's)  Deja x Skipper

Lil Ranchin Koa (TallyHo x Cowboy) - (at Skippin Cj's)

Lil Ranchin Lou (Mtn Home BB x Lil Ranchin Angel) - (at Skippin Cj's)



Braggin Rights!

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