Lil Ranchin Rat Terriers

Southern California


In my journey into the Decker world, I met a wonderful woman who reads animals.  Not just dogs, she can read most any animal.  If you have adopted a pet, whether it be dog, horse, cat, etc. and are wondering what kind of life they may have had before, or if your animal is happy or sad, I would recommend Janel.  She helps fine tune the relationship you have with your animal, can help with a recently passed pet.  There is too much to list!!

She has an extreme sensitivity to the animals and was just a wonderful person to have met.  I am so glad that I had the pleasure of meeting her and look forward to her journey with the Decker Terrier.

Frasier, now 19 inches 40+ pnds!

Frasier the 19" tall Giant Decker Rat had a great second week of shows.  Saturday he got his 3rd Novice JWW Q and his 2nd Novice STD Q.  Today we moved to Open JWW and got a 1st place !!!  He was awesome :-)


Frasier at 8 months, 31 pnds, 17 /34 inches (earning his championship!)

Frasier at 5 1/2 months 15 3/4 tall, 26 pnds - just won one of his first AKC matches against a GR'CH AHT's.  We are soooo proud of him!!!

Frasier passing his obedience class - preparing for his UKC show in July.  Janel has done such a great job with this guy, we are so proud!

Frasier on 5/13/09:


Frasier getting started on his agility training (11 weeks here)

Lil Ranchin Frasier and his human, Janel

Frasier at his first dog show, taking it all in and getting the "feel" of it.