Female Rat Terriers
Here you will find our current females we are using in our breeding program!

Lil Ranchin Dahlia

Lil Ranchin Dahlia is on the stockier, muscular side, standing at 16 inches, 32 pnds. Not an once of fat on this girl. Super sweet, loves everyone she meets and a great mom to her pups.

Lil Ranchin Molly

Lil Ranchin Molly has the quirky, sweet attitude we like. Has a very good disposition, loves everyone she meets and is a great mom to her pups. Molly stands at 16 inches, 29 pnds.


Lil Ranchin Dooney

Lil Ranchin Dooney is a very sweet, long legged girl.  She is approx. 17 inches, 28 pnds, tall, solid and sleek.  She has deep mahogany face markings and she is the fastest girl in the yard!

Lil Ranchin Twyla

Lil Ranchin Twyla is a very sweet, well balanced girl.  She is approx. 16 inches, 28 pnds, tipped ears.  She has really nice structure and a great disposition.


Lil Ranchin Spicy

Lil Ranchin Spicy is our smallest, most petite female we have.  She is a smart and beautiful. She is approx. 15 inches, 24 pnds.  She is quite the looker!   

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